Software Engineering Consulting Services

Software Engineering to Support your Immediate Needs

You can depend on Ninja Networking Consulting Services to accelerate and support your game project. We have experience building scalable online services and client-facing technologies. Our goal is to develop robust solutions to software challenges and we have a passion for games.

Use Ninja Networking Consulting to augment your team's proficiencies. Whether you are considering engineering support for an entire system, or you need a specialist for a few individual features, we're here to help.

Our Software Engineering Services

  • Server and database design and development
  • Software architectural engineering
  • Code analysis and refactoring
  • Software design documentation

Our Specialized Technical Proficiencies

  • Game Tech
  • Server Software Devlopment (C/C++, PHP, Java, Erlang)
  • Scalable Server Architecture (AWS, SQL / NoSQL)
  • Client Software Development (HTML5, JS)
  • Mobile Apps

Contact Us. We look forward to discussing your specific needs and helping you meet your software development goals.